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Rygge Church's Fire Safety Upgrade Through BIM

Project Key Facts

  • Location: Rygge, Norway

  • Building type: Church

  • Project size: 840 m² gross floor area

  • Tools/Software: Revit

  • Team size: 2 Scan to BIM experts

  • Delivery: 10 working days


  • Pointcloud in e57 format and Matterport panorama views


  • 3D model of architecture and structure in LOD 300 "As-Built", delivered in Revit 2022 and .ifc file

Our Solutions & Approach

Experience the transformative power of Building Information Modeling through our case study on renovating Rygge Church's fire protection systems. Rygge Church, located in the Norwegian province of Østfold approximately 60 km south of Oslo, is a historic monument with a gross floor area of 840 m², boasting 850 years of cultural heritage.

The implementation of a new and modern fire protection system was essential to preserve this cultural treasure. Our task was to model the building as a Revit file, based on point cloud data in e57 format and Matterport (360°) panorama views, in LOD 300 "As-Built" for both architecture and structure. It was crucial to accurately depict the existing fire protection measures, such as sprinkler systems, within the 3D model.

Utilizing Revit software, our team meticulously captured the architectural and structural details of the church. By leveraging advanced inputs and adhering to LOD 300 standards, we created a comprehensive 3D model that served as the foundation for integrating a new, modern fire protection system seamlessly into the historic structure.

The outcome of our approach is an enhancement of safety standards that harmoniously blend with the church's historical fabric. By integrating state-of-the-art sprinkler and alarm systems while minimizing disruption to the historic structure, we ensure the preservation of Rygge Church for future generations. By combining cutting-edge technology and profound respect for architectural heritage, we have successfully safeguarded the architectural splendor of Rygge Church, securing its legacy as a cherished landmark for years to come.


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