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Scan to CAD for the Interiors of a Castle in Germany

Project Key Facts

  • Location: Germany

  • Building type: Listed castle

  • Project size: 700m² distributed over 9 rooms and 2 levels

  • Tools/Software: Revit

  • Team size: 1 Architect, 1 Scan to BIM Expert

  • Delivery: 9 working days


  • Point cloud from 3D laser scan and photos


  • 'As-Built' 3D model in Revit 22 with LOD200 of architecture and LOD400 of floor/ceiling construction as RVT file

  • 2D floor plans and sections at a scale of 1:50 as DWG and PDF files

Our Solutions & Approach

We were tasked with creating an 'As-Built' 3D model and 2D plans for the renovation of the interiors of a castle in Germany. These digital models and plans will be used by the architect for the renovation design and the calculation of the quantities and costs of the necessary building materials.

We paid particular attention to the precise planning of the floor structure during the renovation process, as a structure that is too high could compromise the minimum room height. Our team used advanced 3D laser scanning technology to create detailed and accurate digital models of the castle's interiors, which will serve as a valuable resource for the renovation project. By using these digital tools, we are able to support the efficient and successful renovation of the castle's interiors.

To ensure the success of the renovation project, a surveyor was hired to create a highly accurate 3D laser scan of the castle's interiors, including photo documentation. Our team was able to use this point cloud to create a geometric 3D model with a maximum deviation of 5 millimeters. The many, deformed wooden beams were represented in the model as individual objects, accurately reflecting their deformations. This allowed us to identify beams that needed to be removed or replaced in order to meet the maximum floor construction height. The high accuracy of the 3D model served as a foundation for determining the quantities of the individual layers of the floor structure in the CAD program.

Our team was able to use advanced technology and precise measurements to support the successful renovation of the castle's interiors. One of our architects and BIM specialists were able to complete the 3D model within 6 working days and the 2D plans in 1:50 scale within 2 working days. Our most experienced 'Scan to BIM' specialist was responsible for quality control and after an additional day of fine-tuning, all data was successfully delivered to the customer after 9 working days.


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