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3D BIM Model

From plans or sketches to 3D models

The requirements for a BIM model are primarily determined by its intended use. Whether the model will be used for further planning, calculating quantities for tenders, or during the construction phase, we can provide BIM models that meet your specific requirements. Creating high-quality models requires a significant amount of expertise, and only a BIM model optimized for its intended use can provide maximum value. 

With us by your side, you can fully utilize the potential of the BIM method by combining your planning with our expertise in creating BIM models. 

Thanks to our experienced BIM specialists and CAD experts, we can guarantee you efficient, high-quality modeling and double quality assurance.

Would you like to find out how we can support you in creating a BIM model?

Depending on the project phase and the intended use of the BIM model, the requirements vary in terms of their level of detail and the amount of information they contain.

The level of detail of the geometry is described by the concept of LOG (Level of Geometry), while the amount of information encoded in the model is described by LOI (Level of Information). The combination of both LOG and LOI determines the overall level of detail and amount of information in the BIM model.

In general, the level of detail and amount of information in a BIM model increases as a project progresses through the planning and construction phases. After construction is complete, it is ideal to have an "as-built" BIM model handed over to the building operator to add further useful information about building operation and integrate it into a CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) system, also known as "BIM for FM". 

With Miviso, there are no limits to the requirements for BIM models, from LOD100 to LOD400 and CAFM-ready. Depending on the planning and project phase, we are happy to support you in creating and maintaining the BIM model

Our working process


We evaluate the requirements for the 3D model and the necessary information for it, taking into account its future use.


Based on the defined model requirements, you will receive a fixed-price offer including a schedule for completion.


Upon acceptance of the offer and receipt of all necessary information (e.g. plans, point clouds, etc.), the modeling will be completed according to the schedule. If desired, we will provide updates on the progress and send interim reports through BIM360.


Upon completion, you will receive the finished 3D model, including any desired plans in the requested file formats.

Do you need a BIM model for a construction project?
We provide high-quality BIM models exactly according to your requirements.

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