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Scan to BIM/CAD

From point cloud to 3D model

Using high-quality "as-built" 3D (BIM) models to efficiently evaluate point clouds can fully utilize the capabilities of modern building surveying with 3D laser scanning. 

Having professionally created "as-built" CAD and BIM models allows for more efficient planning for renovations and repairs by architects and planners and can avoid unexpected expenses during the planning and construction process. 

We understand that the requirements for CAD and BIM models can vary depending on their intended use, and we strive to deliver models that meet all necessary standards and your specific requirements.

Are you planning a renovation or refurbishment?
With us by your side, you can easily take advantage of the full potential of point cloud technology through our BIM expertise.

Our team of exceptional BIM experts and CAD specialists ensures efficient and high-quality "as-built" modeling. 

To ensure value, "As-Built" BIM models must be of the highest quality and free of errors, which is ensured through the double quality assurance of our CAD and BIM experts. 

From LOD100/200 CAD models to LOD400 or LOD500 BIM models for CAFM, our experienced team creates 3D models tailored to your specific requirements and suitable for the intended purpose. We utilize all common CAD software and deliver the 3D model in the desired file format, adhering to all specifications and deadlines.

Our working process


We determine the requirements and necessary information for the 3D model based on its intended use.


After defining the model requirements, you will receive a fixed-price offer that includes a schedule for completion.


Once the offer is accepted and all the required information (e.g. plans, point clouds, etc.) is provided, the modeling is carried out according to the schedule. If desired, we will provide updates on the progress and send interim reports through BIM360.


Upon completion, you will receive the finished 3D model, including any desired plans in the requested file formats.

Do you want to find out how to get the most benefit from building surveying using Scan to BIM? 

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