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Case Studies

Digital solutions that inspire

The digitalization of buildings and the application of BIM (Building Information Modeling) present a multitude of opportunities for enhancing the effectiveness, profitability, and sustainability of construction and real estate projects. This does not only involve producing accurate and comprehensive 3D models, but also integrating data and information into the entire lifespan of a building.

To gain a better understanding of the actual worth of building digitalization, it is advantageous to review the projects that Miviso has executed in which these technologies have been successfully implemented. Our team has accomplished various such projects, including Scan-to-BIM/CAD and the generation of 3D BIM models for Facility Management.

In these case studies, we elucidate the difficulties and outcomes of these projects and demonstrate how tailored solutions were formulated to optimize the benefits of building digitalization. By integrating BIM through the planning, construction, and/or renovation process, expenses can be minimized, mistakes reduced, and efficiency enhanced. Additionally, in facility management, digitization can facilitate the optimization of building operations and elevate sustainability.

We anticipate that these case studies will furnish you with valuable insights into the potential of building digitalization and guide you in deciding to collaborate with Miviso. We are readily available to discuss your unique requirements and develop customized solutions that will provide your company with the greatest possible value.

We invite you to read our case studies and contact us with any questions you may have.

See why our clients and partners trust our work

We have been collaborating with Miviso for quite some time now, and I am extremely satisfied with their work. Miviso excels in excellent communication, quick response times, and the production of exceptionally high-quality 2D plans and 3D models. Our partnership has evolved into a strong business relationship, and I eagerly anticipate many future projects with Miviso.

Lukas Rang

Owner at Virtual Tours,

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