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Navigating the Future: Highlights from INTERGEO 2023

Geodesy, Geoinformation, and Land Management – Intergeo in Berlin stands as the forefront trade fair, showcasing cutting-edge technologies in surveying, cartography, and spatial information systems.

Since its inception in 1995, the fair has undergone significant transformation. What once primarily focused on product presentations has evolved into a prestigious event. Today, Intergeo is not just about exhibitors; it also hosts conferences, presentations, and workshops featuring recognized experts.

Intergeo has emerged as a pivotal platform for knowledge exchange. From October 10 to 12, 2023, the event once again delivered a bustling program brimming with "Inspiration for a smarter world".

Miviso at Intergeo

Our decision to attend INTERGEO 2023 was primarily driven by the value of personal connections. Despite the convenience of online meetings, the lack of in-person interactions with our partners has been a notable limitation. INTERGEO stands out as an event that uniquely gathers industry decision-makers in a single space. Our exhibition stand provided us with the perfect setting for informal conversations with partners and potential collaborators.

Lecture: Scan2BIM Model Requirements

On the second day, we transitioned from our exhibition stand to the BIM Cinema stage, where we took the lectern. We delivered a concise lecture on “Model Requirements in the Scan-to-BIM Process”, actively enriching the trade fair program with our expertise.

This presentation offered the audience a practical and, in our view, intriguing glimpse into the genuine challenges faced during the implementation of Scan-to-BIM. It was especially rewarding to engage in subsequent discussions on the topic, conversations that might not have taken place otherwise. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended and participated in the dialogue!

Special Moments, Encounters, and Conversations

In retrospect, the entire trade fair visit was something special. While the first day was rather quiet, from the second day onwards, a significant influx of visitors became evident. The atmosphere was great, and we certainly didn't miss the occasional booth party, as successes deserve to be celebrated, after all!

"Our personal highlight was the second day. We were engrossed in such interesting and exciting conversations all day that we even forgot to eat until evening. Some even queued up just to have a conversation with us," Philip and Michael excitedly shared with a smile.

"We were also very pleased that some potential partners wanted to collaborate with us directly. This confirms our feeling that we are on the right path," the two agreed.

Mood and Impressions

The enthusiasm for Scan-to-BIM has remained high and continues to grow. Increasing numbers of people recognize the ecological and economic benefits of focusing on existing building stock and exploring viable solutions.

Scan-to-BIM is a subject of growing significance. Currently, there are only a handful of effective solutions for creating precise and meaningful CAD models from existing structures and implementing them on a larger scale.

A Glimpse into the Future

Energy-efficient building renovations are gaining significant traction in the industry. Large property owners and developers are placing a heightened emphasis on this, leading to a surge in demand for Scan-to-BIM services.

In the realm of BIM, precise guidance is crucial to prevent the creation of data monstrosities or inaccurate, subpar models. There's still considerable progress to be made in this field, and we're fortunate to be in a position where we can truly make a valuable contribution.

And the Conclusion of INTERGEO 2023?

"We're definitely planning a return next year!" Both of our co-founders are on board with this decision. "We met wonderful people, engaged in insightful and constructive conversations, networked effectively, and truly enjoyed ourselves."

That sums up our Berlin visit succinctly. While attending a trade fair with a booth undeniably requires significant effort and expense, the value it adds is truly unparalleled.

In this vein, we're thrilled to announce our participation in the BIM World in Munich on November 28 and 29!


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