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Success Chronicles: Miviso's 12-Month Saga of Achievements

In 2023, we completed 120 Scan-to-CAD/BIM projects both within and outside Europe. We witnessed a significant milestone with the doubling of our CAD/BIM modeling team. Moreover, the year marked the initiation and expansion of valuable partnerships. Additionally, we developed a comprehensive Scan2BIM LOD definition. The achievements of 2023, have filled us with pride as we reflect on our accomplishments, cherish beautiful moments, and acknowledge impressive figures.

Below, we are providing a comprehensive summary of the past year's events, highlighting key numbers, data, and facts. We conclude with an optimistic outlook for the opportunities and goals that lie ahead in 2024.

Commencing Success: The Inception of 2023

The beginning of 2023 was marked by a strong sense of community. During this month, the Innsbruck team visited Moldova to foster personal connections alongside numerous online meetings. If you're interested in learning more about this trip, you can find a detailed blog article here.

Throughout February, our focus extended beyond honing expertise in Scan-to-BIM modeling. We dedicated considerable efforts to expanding and fortifying our "Mivisopedia", a valuable knowledge resource. With an extensive range of information, this repository has proven instrumental in successfully integrating new team members. Feel free to explore it here.

Our expertise resulted in an increased demand for projects. We expanded our team with additional skilled BIM modelers, playing a crucial role in the successful completion of our first project beyond European borders. This achievement encompasses a landmark project in the USA, specifically in the iconic Big Apple of Manhattan.

Innovations and Progress: Second Quarter Highlights

At Miviso, we prioritize networking and staying up-to-date on industry trends. In April 2023, we actively participated in BAU Munich, Europe's largest trade fair in the architecture sector. Delve into our key takeaways and insights on sustainability here.

In the realm of preservation, sustainability takes center stage. This spring, we proudly concluded our first major project—revitalizing a heritage-listed building. Stay tuned for more projects in the pipeline as we explore the significance and potential of Scan-to-BIM in heritage preservation through an informative blog article.

As our team continues to expand, we've initiated "Miviso Q&A" to spotlight the exceptional individuals our partners collaborate with, even remotely. Witness our team members answering selected questions from a diverse pool in these engaging Q&A sessions, progressively shared on LinkedIn. Inna, Eugen, Amy, Vasile, Liudmila, and Pavel  have already graced the spotlight, with more team members set to follow.

In May, we started the development of the first digital twin in the education sector. The HBLFA Rotholz, a comprehensive complex in Austria housing a boarding school, educational facility, and research institution, covers an expansive 36,000 m². Explore more details about this groundbreaking project here.

In the spring of 2023, Artificial Intelligence (AI) captured public attention. While not entirely new, the introduction of a free AI tool significantly enhanced accessibility for the average consumer. This development raised efficiency questions, especially in the construction sector and Scan-to-BIM modeling. Our in-depth exploration involved rigorous testing of various AI plugins. In summary, AI in the Scan-to-BIM field shows promise but isn't yet mature enough for fully autonomous 3D modeling from point cloud data. The potential is exciting, and we're closely monitoring advancements. For more details, read our blog article on the topic of AI.

From hot days to hot documents: Scan2BIM LOD Definition & Co.

The month of July witnessed not one but two reunions for the teams from Innsbruck and Chişinău, occurring both in Austria and Moldova. The teams engaged in workshops, accomplished tasks, shared laughter and celebration, and even indulged in a bit of sightseeing.

Despite the traditional summer slowdown, we seized the opportunity to launch our first LinkedIn Newsletter and focus on our "Scan2BIM LOD Definition." We created a whitepaper, a guide detailing individual components in the Scan2BIM range from LOD100 to LOD400 to simplify communication with our clients and within the team. With valuable feedback received, I'm excited to announce that an updated version is currently in progress. Thank you for the feedback, and stay tuned...

Interested in being notified once the latest Scan2BIM LOD Definition is released? Get in touch with us, and we'll include you in the distribution list!

Autumn was marked by numerous new projects and the commencement of a partnership with a municipality aiming to digitally transform its entire building infrastructure in the coming years. Initial models have been delivered, and there are more to follow.

Crowning Achievement: Building Trustful Partnerships

One standout event from the previous year was the INTERGEO Expo and Conference held in Berlin. Alongside numerous engaging in-person discussions, Michael delivered a presentation on model requirements within the Scan-to-BIM field. Our conclusion? We're looking forward to participating again next year—well, actually, this year. Explore more about Miviso at INTERGEO 2023 here.

As the year drew to a close, our order books saw a significant uptick. We're delighted with the trust our clients have placed in us. The multitude of meetings and our ongoing efforts to enhance workflows are paying off, reinforcing the trust and highlighting the importance and advantages of Scan2BIM and our services.

Once more, our expertise was affirmed at the BIM World in Munich. "Crafting a digital twin demands skill, while modeling a high-quality digital twin necessitates experience. We possess both, and we continually refine and expand them with each project!"

Our 2023 in Numbers, Data, and Facts
  • Digitized 200+ buildings in 120 diverse projects

  • Transformed 960.000 sqm GFA into digital assets

  • The average project size was around 8,000 sqm GFA

  • Completed our largest project, spanning 70,000 sqm

  • CAD software usage: 35% Archicad, 60% Revit projects, 5% Vectorworks

  • Engaged in various building sectors: industrial buildings, single-family homes, universities, cultural buildings, bank buildings, castles, farmhouses, stables, sewage treatment plants, breweries, hospitals, libraries, town halls, schools, shooting ranges, churches, tunnels, pipe bridges, railway stations, office buildings

  • Sent 5 email Newsletters, and published 4 via LinkedIn

  • 346 Scan2BIM LOD Definition downloads

  • Nearly 600 LinkedIn Newsletter subscriptions

  • 17 new blog articles in the categories "Information," "Social," and "General and Current Trends"

  • Projects in 7 countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Egypt, Kazakhstan, USA, ...) on 4 continents

What lies ahead in the upcoming year?

We have exciting plans in store: Another visit to Chişinău is in the pipeline. We've already secured a booth for the Digital Bau in February 2024 in Cologne. A top priority on our agenda is the revised Scan2BIM LOD Definition, incorporating valuable feedback. Additionally, the implementation of a smart ordering system at Miviso, facilitating swift and seamless quote requests through a digital questionnaire, will soon enhance our proposal creation process for both you and us.

As the next few months unfold, we eagerly anticipate the next few months, embracing all the opportunities that await. Above all, we're enthusiastic about engaging in more projects with you. Cheers to a successful year ahead!

Are you interested in the topic of 3D modeling (BIM) and want to learn more about it or do you have specific questions? We would be happy to have a conversation about it.

Michael Danklmaier

Miviso Co-Founder

Tel.: +43 664 4563309


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