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Outsourcing – Reduce Costs and Improve Project Results

Outsourcing is a strategy in which tasks, processes or services that are typically carried out by internal staff are delegated to external service providers. This can result in cost savings, increased flexibility for the organization, and access to specialized knowledge. Discover why outsourcing 3D modeling, CAD modeling, and BIM modeling is a viable option, and what considerations should be taken into account when doing so.

Selecting the right Model: 3D Modeling, CAD Modeling or BIM Modeling

3D modeling, CAD modeling, and BIM modeling are all important tools for building design, but they each have distinct features and functions. BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is a process that involves creating a virtual model of a building that not only represents its physical shape, but also includes all the necessary information for designing, constructing, and operating the building. This information includes both geometric data, such as the building's dimensions and layout, and non-geometric data, such as the materials and systems used in the building. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) or 3D modeling, on the other hand, focuses on creating a three-dimensional representation of a building without the added information required for construction and operation. While BIM is an interdisciplinary process that encompasses many aspects of building design and management, CAD or 3D modeling is a technical tool primarily used for visual representation. It is important to choose the right model that is suitable for your project and the goal you want to achieve.

The benefits of outsourcing: time and cost savings

By outsourcing 3D or CAD modeling and BIM modeling to specialized external partners, companies can effectively utilize their internal resources and complete projects faster. In addition, experienced companies often offer a higher level of quality in creating the models and can therefore contribute to cost savings. Furthermore, outsourcing allows companies to access specialized expertise and new technologies that they may not possess internally. Outsourcing 3D or CAD modeling and BIM modeling can help companies complete projects more efficiently and successfully.

How to choose the right partner

Choosing the right partner is crucial in order to fully reap the benefits of outsourcing 3D, CAD, and BIM. To select the best business partner, companies should establish a list of criteria and requirements that are pertinent to their project and their company. A key criterion is experienced, specifically in regards to the requirements for the type and size of the project. A reference check and examination of past work examples can assist in evaluating the capabilities of the partner. Another criterion is proficiency with the technologies and software being utilized. Select a 3D or CAD modeler with specialized expertise in your industry to ensure they possess the relevant industry knowledge to comprehend your requirements and respond effectively. Communication and adaptability are also an important considerations in the selection process, choose a partner that is reliable and able to adapt quickly to changes in the project's progress.

Continuous Quality Assurance thanks to 3D, CAD, and BIM Outsourcing

Attaining consistency in quality is essential for any organization. By collaborating with experienced 3D, CAD, and BIM modelers, and utilizing advanced CAD technology, companies can ensure a high standard of quality. Regular meetings assist in identifying errors early on and addressing them as needed. This enables companies to efficiently complete projects while still achieving a high-quality outcome.

Challenges of Implementing Outsourcing: Communication and Process Management

The implementation of CAD, 3D, and BIM outsourcing also presents challenges, particularly in the areas of communication and process management. Collaborating with external partners necessitates careful and clear communication to prevent misunderstandings and errors. It is essential that all stakeholders, both internal and external team members, have a shared understanding of the processes and adhere to established standards. To overcome these challenges, it is essential to establish and implement a strategic and systematic approach. Only then can favorable outcomes be attained in the long term."

Opportunities of 3D, CAD, and BIM Outsourcing for your company

Outsourcing offers your company a variety of opportunities. By working with experienced 3D, CAD, and BIM modelers, you gain access to modern technologies and expertise. This, in turn, allows you to implement projects more efficiently and cost-effectively. This enables you to focus more on your core competencies, rather than investing time and money in building internal capabilities.

By outsourcing 3D, CAD, and BIM modeling, you can also respond faster to changes in your market and make your processes more flexible. Outsourcing 3D, CAD, and BIM modeling thus provides a good opportunity to increase your competitiveness.


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