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Scan to BIM of a Hydroelectric Power Plant in Germany

Project Key Facts

  • Location: Germany

  • Building type: Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • Project size: 5,900 sqm gross floor area, of which approx. 2,500 sqm with TGA (technical building equipment)

  • Tools/Software: Revit

  • Team size: 1 Architect, 2 Scan to BIM Experts

  • Delivery: 14 working days


  • Point cloud and 360° documentation from NavVis IVION


  • 3D model of architecture and structure (5,900 sqm) in LOD200 true to deformation "As-Built" RVT 22 file

  • 3D model of technical building equipment (approx. 2,500 sqm) in LOD300 true to deformation "As-Built" as RVT 22 file

Our Solutions & Approach

Our partner, a specialist in complex building surveys, was entrusted with the measurement and subsequent 3D evaluation of the point clouds of the hydroelectric power plant using the NavVis VLX technology.

The entire building was recorded both inside and outside. Our partner then entrusted us with the evaluation of the laser scan in the form of an "As-Built" 3D Revit model, with requirements of LOD200 for architectural and structural components and LOD300 for technical building equipment.

Due to the high-quality point cloud including 360° documentation, we were able to model the building within 2 weeks. After the model passed through our two-stage quality assurance process and final optimizations were made, we were able to deliver the RVT file to the customer after 14 working days as requested. We are committed to providing accurate and comprehensive digital models to support the success of our clients' projects.


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