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Converting a Swiss Farmhouse into a BIM Model with Scan-to-BIM Technology

Project Key Facts

  • Location: Switzerland

  • Building type: Farmhouse

  • Project size: 400m² gross floor area

  • Tools/Software: ArchiCAD

  • Team size: 1 Architect/Scan to BIM expert

  • Delivery: 10 working days


  • Registered and georeferenced point cloud as well as a photographic documentation


  • 3D model of all visible components and permanently installed fixtures in LOG300, as-built and deformation-correct, in ArchiCAD

  • 3D model of the property

Our Solutions & Approach

We were recently tasked by a partner to model a Swiss farmhouse with a gross floor area of around 400m² using ArchiCAD, based on a laser scan of the building survey. The farmhouse featured several architecturally valuable elements, such as windows, doors, facades, and roofs, which we endeavored to model as realistically as possible.

One of the challenges we faced was accurately visualizing deformations in building components, such as walls, ceilings, and wooden beams, "As-Built," as well as interpreting areas not captured in the point cloud. Through additional photo documentation and collaboration with our on-site partner, who scanned the building, we were able to model all components correctly in terms of alignment and structure.

ArchiCAD's use enabled quick and efficient model processing, with the project being led by one of our most experienced architects/Scan-to-BIM experts. Within 10 business days, the model was completed and delivered in PLA and IFC file formats. We take pride in demonstrating our expertise and experience through this project.


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